The original article was published on HuffPost Impact on 4 February, 2016. Written by Krithika Varagur. To read the complete article, click here

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UNICEF wants to support innovative programs in a way that goes beyond large grants to nonprofits.

The agency will put $9 million toward early-stage startups that focus on empowering young people with technology and providing real-time data about underserved populations. UNICEF is also looking to invest in startups that provide the necessary tech infrastructure to support these services.

“The world’s problems are getting bigger and faster, and we need to match that speed,” Chris Fabian, co-leader of the UNICEF Innovation Unit, told HuffPost. “Even with the Innovation Unit in place, we weren’t going fast enough since we can only work on problems in succession. The fund will help to quickly get a number of programs into action all at once.”

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