At the inaugural Tsinghua-UNICEF Youth Innovation Forum, held on 18-19 October 2015, over 200 students, development experts and industry leaders met to help build networks between young people from China and the global South as well as private sector and development partners. The Global Innovation Centre for Children, Beijing, is a university-wide, long-term and strategic collaboration between Tsinghua and UNICEF. The Academy of Arts and Design is one of the main implementing entities at Tsinghua.  Dean Lu Xiaobo shared with UNICEF China the purpose and vision of this collaboration.

Q: Why do you support the establishment of the Global Innovation Centre for Children, Beijing?

A: We’ve always had a vision: the designers we train, their vision should not be restrained to the market; they should have hearts to serve the public.  We emphasize public and social service, in particular, service for the most vulnerable children and women.  The purpose of the Global Innovation Centre for Children, supported by UNICEF and Tsinghua, is to create innovative products and services for these beneficiaries.  In my opinion, this is a great opportunity for our work and vision.

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