By Ye Ra KIM, Information Management, Monitoring and Evaluation and Communications Officer | Education Programme | UNICEF Bangui Central African Republic

Demonstration EduTrac5_20151208
On 9 December 2015, the Central African Republic (CAR) officially launched EduTrac, an innovative real-time school data collection system using SMS. UNICEF has been working with the Ministry of Education (MoE) in implementing EduTrac for a faster and more regular data collection process from school headmasters across the country. Once registered, the headmasters, even those in remote areas, will be able to quickly respond to survey questions sent by the MoE in Bangui on a regular basis. It is expected that answers collected from the headmasters on the presence of students and teachers, condition of WASH equipment in schools, exam results, supervision provided by local education authorities and incidents in schools will help the MoE greatly improve the existing data collection system.

The day before the official launch, the MoE, with support from UNICEF, organized a demonstration of EduTrac registration before 50 headmasters from schools in and around Bangui. During this event, the headmasters showed their enthusiasm for EduTrac surveys.

To learn more about EduTrac, read my previous blog post here. Stay tuned for more news.