Project/Assignment Title: Technology for Education Consultant
Equivalent Level: P3
Duration:  9 months
Duty Station: Kampala

1.Scope of Work

The objective of this consultancy is to support the Keep Children Learning with all its technology related initiatives, specifically:

  • To advise on all hardware, software, and data-focused activities within the Learning section, ensuring that technical requirements, specifications, accessibility guidelines, etc., are all observed (as appropriate) and are in line with current best practices.
  • To assist in designing, developing and executing projects or programmes that utilize technology or data to increase UNICEF Learning’s impact.
  • To support fundraising, communication and knowledge-management related activities around Keep Children Learning innovations, ultimately increasing the impact of our work.

2. Area to be Considered

The consultant is expected to work closely with the Keep Children Learning team but also with the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports and other relevant partners. The deliverables are specified but the work may also include additional tasks related to use of ICT in education assigned by the supervisor (within the existing days). The UNPRPD tasks are time-bound because of the nature of the funding, other components have more flexibility but have to be completed by August 2016.

The assignment will be desk-based work at UNICEF’s Kampala office but include some travel to the field. The consultant will be supervised by Education Specialist P4.

3. Expected Deliverables and time frame

Tasks – 1) (Deliverables 1-3 are related to the UNPRPD project) Usability testing of the pre-identified four different devices with children with disabilities in rural primary schools (field testing).
End Products/Deliverables – 1) A brief report about the suitability of the pre-identified devises for use in rural schools with children with disabilities.
Time Frame: 1) 15 days (between Dec-Jan 2016)

Tasks – 2) Selection and testing of the appropriate software for the chosen devises. The tests must include extensive usability tests with the final materials (developed by ESLU) in the field.
End Products/Deliverables –  2) Recommendation for the selected software. Specifications for the Purchase Order for both hard ware and software for the pilot schools.
Time Frame: – 2) 20 days (by Feb 2016)

Tasks –  3) Designing of basic training for teachers on use of the selected ICT. Training of all participating teachers from all the 20 pilot schools (5 regions) for 2 days
End Products/Deliverables – 3)Training materials and a brief report on training of teachers from 20 pilot schools.
Time Frame –  3) 15 days (by Mar 2016)

Tasks –
4) (Learning Labs/Intel-project) Conduct software assessment and associated usability testing for the software developed by FLE in conjunction with the new uPortal content and ensure that the research component is fully aligned with the functionalities of the platform. The testing should take place in office and with some secondary school students.
End Products/Deliverables – 4) Written feedback to FLE about the technical challenges faced during testing and a note for the research of the alignment. The report needs to specify the type of errors/bugs, the user and the content used
Time Frame – 4) 15 days

Tasks – 5) Support the design of the Gates-funded UNCDF project for digital education financing identifies and accesses relevant stakeholders within the educational system
End Products/Deliverables – 5) A comprehensive design and research needs of the tech & design partners.
Time Frame – 5) 20 days

Tasks – 6) In close coordination with Learning’s M&E Specialist and the Learning team develop a strategy for RapidPro use to advance Education programming and to be used in M&E. The strategy should also include the capacity assessment of the staff and some capacity building to increase their skills.
End Products/Deliverables – 6) Messaging strategy for Education signed off by supervisor and section chief
Time Frame – 6) 30 days

Tasks – 7) Design a system for soliciting, gathering and synthesizing U-report data in a more statistically significant way
End Products/Deliverables – 7) System design presented and approved by the Learning team. 
Time Frame – 7) 15 days

4. Desired background qualification and experience and competencies

The consultant will have skills/experience and qualifications in the following areas:

  • Advanced university degree in Education, Social Science, Humanities or Art
  • At least 5 years’ experience working with innovations in Education in development agencies and NGOs, with progressively greater responsibilities;
  • Experience and expertise using mobile-based data collection systems;
  • Experience managing technical projects and programmes;
  • Experience writing successful donor proposals;
  • Experience writing high quality reports;
  • Experience of Education programmes and teaching experience;
  • Excellent inter-personal skills;
  • Excellent analytical and conceptual thinking skills;
  • Excellent communication, presentation, networking and training skills;
  • Excellent management skills;
  • Strong self-awareness, self-regulation and experience in promoting teamwork;
  • Computer skills, including skills in front-end development and basic database management;
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural environment and establish harmonious and effective working relationships.
  • Experience in web development is a highly desired.

5. How to apply:

  • UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce.
  • Applications will be considered only if accompanied by an updated CV and P11 form, as well as two of the most recent performance evaluation reports.
  • Candidates are requested to use this order to name file attachments: First name_Last name followed by document e.g. Gold_MukasaP11 or Gold_Mukasa CV or Gold_Mukasa Application.
  • UNICEF is a smoke free environment.
  • Only short listed candidates will be contacted.
  • Applications should be sent via email to: ugderecruit@unicef.org by 15 November 2015.
Job opportunity: U-Report Global Strategist and Asia Coordinator, Bangkok
Job Opportunity: Programme Specialist (Innovation), P-3, Jakarta, Indonesia