Innovators determined to advance results for children
Guinée Gagnant – completes National Nutrition Survey with mobile devices despite EBOLA crisis

By Pilar Lagos

Hi there UNICEFStories Readers. In cased you missed them, here’s a recap of some of the top stories published on UNICEF Innovation’s blog during October. Click away:


In Tanzania, you can now get your birth certificate by mobile phone
UNICEF, in partnership with mobile carrier TIGO and the Tanzanian government, launched a mobile-based system that allows health workers to deliver birth certificates in a matter of days using SMS.

Tanzania’s mobile birth registration initiative highlighted on South Africa’s Power FM #PowerHour
Hawi Bedasa, Knowledge Management/Innovation Specialist at UNICEF Tanzania talks on South Africa’s radio show #PowerHour, about how a simple innovation led to the rollout of birth registrations by mobile phone in Tanzania.

New Emerge Partnership launched to incentivize innovation
Sharad Sapra and Stuart Campo participated at the ITU Telecom World 2015 in Budapest, Hungary, where a new Emerge Partnership was launched as a means to facilitate public-private collaboration.To view pictures of the event, click here.

Tsinghua-UNICEF Youth Forum Highlights Cross-Content Innovation
The Tsinghua-UNICEF Youth Innovation Forum held on 17-18 October 2015 in Beijing ignited forward-looking conversations and helped build networks between young people from China and the global South, as well as inspire new ideas for the world’s most disadvantaged children.

The Brave New World of Wearables and NGOs
Could data from wearable devices help design initiatives to improve morale, productivity and quality of employees’ lives? Mike Weston, CEO of data science consultancy Profusion, discusses benefits of using wearable tech in the workplace.

Texting for better policies
This article, originally published on a blog named “Kiliza,” which means “listen” in Swahili, is a gem. It’s a reflection on how U-Report is strengthening citizen engagement, decision-making, and accountability.

Innovative food supplements take a bite out of malnutrition in Cambodia
In Cambodia, 1 in 10 children suffer from acute malnutrition. For this reason, UNICEF partnered with Dr. Frank Wieringa, a Dutch researcher at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, to develop a nutritious, locally made food supplement to offer Cambodian caregivers the chance to add important vitamins and minerals to their children’s daily food intake. And so the development of a fishy cube began.

6 Things we Recommend Post Launching U-Report Chile
A few months, Lucha and Julio wrote a blog post on lessons learned before launching U-Report in Chile. Good news, U-Report’s launch in the Land of Poets was a hit. Lucha shares recommendations on what UNICEF Chile did to recruit young people to join. Hint: use a hashtag, aim for national trend, and throw a free concert.  

UNICEF, Target team up to sell kids’ fitness bands that help save lives
UNICEF announced a new partnership with Target to sell a child-friendly fitness band, which helps kids in the U.S. become more active while at the same time saving the lives of malnourished children around the world.

Building Innovation Capability in UNICEF
Harald Dean, Master student of Innovation studies at the University of Oslo shares his findings on the ripple effect of innovation across an organization like UNICEF.

RapidFTR, reuniting families in emergency situations in Mexico (article in Spanish)
UNICEF Mexico’s Representative, Isabel Crowley, published an opinion piece in Mexico’s El Universal regarding the implementation of RapidFTR in Mexico. RapidFTR is an open-source mobile phone application and data storage system that seeks to expedite the process of helping humanitarian workers collect, sort and share information about unaccompanied and separated children in emergency situations.

Pakistan prepares to give polio the final blow
Pakistan reported 85% of the polio cases in 2014. As it prepares to eradicate polio, it’s training more than 24,000 vaccination teams across the country to #endpolio, a viral disease which primarily affects children.

Changing the world, one startup business at a time: Spring Activator’s mission expands globally
Remote towns from Canada to Uganda are embracing startup culture and the power of technology-based businesses. Vancouver’s Spring Activator recognized this trend as an opportunity to extend its reach beyond Vancouver and help purpose-driven, for-profit startups grow around the world. Blair Palmer, San Francisco Lab Lead at UNICEF Innovation spoke about embracing risk at the event. “You should fail fast, fail often and start again; just make sure you have an exit strategy if something isn’t working. Whatever you do must have an essential need and the necessary support behind it or it won’t work.”

C’est Parti! – Senegal launches its first National Nutrition Survey on mobile devices
The Senegalese Division de l’Alimentation et Nutrition et la Survie d’Enfant (DANSE) along with the Agence Nationale de la Statistique et de la Démographie (ANSD) launched the National Nutrition Survey 2015 via mobile devices. This marks the first opportunity to use this newly developed questionnaire.

International Day of the Girl Child: Back to the Basics
Fatou Wurie, U-Report Sierra Leone Coordinator writes an inspiring piece inviting the reader to  break the cycle of limited opportunities for young girls globally, especially in Sierra Leone.

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Innovators determined to advance results for children
Guinée Gagnant – completes National Nutrition Survey with mobile devices despite EBOLA crisis