By Pilar Lagos

Did you know that over 70 per cent of people in sub-Saharan Africa have access to a mobile phone, and the numbers keep growing? This is good news for many reasons. It enables UNICEF, as well as local governments, to engage with people, especially young people, in previously unimaginable ways.

One of our newest stars here at UNICEF Innovation, Meaghan Orton, gave a technical update on the 1000 Days suite of tools. To view Meaghan’s presentation, click here:

1000 Days suite of tools is specifically designed to help new moms get through 1,000 critical days — from her  pregnancy to her child’s second birthday. The goal of this engagement is to ensure the health and safety of mother and child by collecting and analyzing data and providing useful and directed information for each stage of life.

1000 Days suite of tools supports and strengthens maternal and child health care systems. It sends and receives useful information, tracks indicators, and supports monitoring and evaluation. Simple 21st century solutions for age-old problems provides women and their newborn babies an opportunity for a healthier life.

1000 Days suite of tools is developed on RapidPro. RapidPro is an open source software that allows you to easily design, pilot, and scale services that connect directly with a mobile phone user, without the help of a software developer. It works with any mobile phone and enables UNICEF and its partners to connect with communities at a low cost by utilizing existing infrastructure such as basic mobile phones and networks of local mobile providers. These tools are built with the end user in mind and use colloquial language relevant to region.

To view Meaghan’s presentation, click here: