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Terms of Reference

Title: Joint Youth and Adolescent Programme Development Consultant
Location: UNICEF / Innovation Lab – Pristina, Kosovo
Duration of Initial Contract:  35 working days
Type of Contract: Special Service Agreement
Starting Date: 1st July 2015


Fifteen years after the end of the conflict in Kosovo the current Young Generation is the first to grow out of the shadow of the conflict. Yet, a number of underlying factors still contribute to potential instability in Kosovo, among which are lack of adequate opportunities for adolescents and young people to grow, develop, engage to build their lives and to contribute to the progress and prosperity of Kosovo.

Of a total population estimated at 1.8 Million, 34% of the population in Kosovo is under 18 years of age, and half the population (50%) are under the age of 25. About 29.7 per cent of the population live below the poverty line and 10.2 per cent live in extreme poverty (WB 2012). Even more significant is child poverty – an estimated 48.6% of under 18 live in poverty in Kosovo. In addition to economic deprivation, there are multiple deprivations affecting adolescents and youth, particularly the most vulnerable, reaching their full potential. The youth-led and youth-based Post-2015 consultations in Kosovo have highlighted Kosovo’s main priorities during the P-15 consultation are summed up in two words: opportunity and equity. These two words, their lack of, particularly correlate to youth in Kosovo and come across the areas of Education, Employment and Health.

Population Pyramid in Kosovo

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 12.42.55 PM

Source: Statistical Yearbook 2014, Kosovo Agency for Statistics.

At no time in history have adolescents and young people been such a force for change in society, shaping social and economic development. Kosovo adolescents and youth are no exception. The demographic realities of Kosovo, as demonstrated by the chart above, make it an imperative to remove the numerous structural, institutional, and cultural bottlenecks that prevent the full engagement and empowerment of adolescents Kosovar adolescent girls and boys, young men and women.

Purpose of the Consultancy

The purpose of the consultancy is to gather, analyse, and synthesize into clear results statements those priority needs, objectives, and opportunities in the areas of youth engagement and empowerment as identified and expressed by select informants; to articulate programme logic and develop—employing participatory and co-design methods—a programme to achieve these results; and to articulate roles and accountabilities of participating agencies, civil society organizations, and partners and the resource requirements (technical and other) needed to deliver against the proposed programme.

The specific objectives of this consultancy are:

Identify, analyse, and synthesize priority needs, objectives, and opportunities as identified by select informants and via desk research.

  • Informants will include participating agencies, relevant public institutions, relevant civil society organizations, youth and adolescents, and other entities as directed by the programme team.
  • The consultant is expected to utilize human-centred design, participatory action research, and/or ethnographic methods in order to surface inputs from informants.
  • The consultant is expected to conduct HCD, PAR, and/or ethnographic research in-field
  • The consultant is expected to ensure that the research methodologies and selected informants reflect an equity-focus.

Develop programme logic and a proposed programme to achieve these results.

  • The consultant is expected to develop, in concert with the programme team, impact and outcome statements reflecting inputs from informants and desk research
  • The consultant is expected to develop, in concert with the programme team and utilizing co-design methodologies, a proposed programme and interventions to achieve these results in line with participating agency strategies and the Common Development Plan
  • The consultant is expected to conduct participatory and co-design engagements in-field
  • The consultant is expected to reflect the following principles in the proposed programme:
    • co-design of specific programme activities
    • interventions that reflect and advance equity
    • human rights-based approach
    • holistic approaches
    • resilience-building approaches
    • gender transformative approaches
    • sustainable impact
    • value for money
    • a continuum of systems-level and grassroots/rights-holder level interventions
    • UN core values and approach sensitive to Kosovo circumstances


  • Consultancy Plan
    • Milestones and timeline, including validation with programme team
    • Methodology, incorporating:
      • Human-centred design, participatory action research, and/or ethnographic methods in the research phase
      • Participatory and or co-design methods in the programme design phase
      • Traditional methods (e.g. consultations and roundtables) as appropriate
    • List of informants and sources
    • Plan and Protocols for research phase engagements
    • Plan and Protocols for design phase participatory- and co-design engagements
  • Research Phase Engagements
  • Design Phase Engagements
  • Project Proposal (Full)
    • Inclusive of programme logic, tentative budget/resource needs (financial, human)
    • Reflecting UNICEF and UNDG project proposal guidelines
    • Minimum of 20, maximum of 30 pages
  • Project Proposal (Executive Summary)
    • Minimum of 2, maximum of 3 pages.
    • Used for external
  • Consultancy Report
    • Minimum of 10, Maximum of 20 pages
    • Including
      • Executive Summary
      • Description of Findings
      • Description of Methodology and Research and Design phase engagements
    • Lessons learned and recommendations
    • Conclusion
    • Annex of informants and sources
    • Annex of protocols and documentation of Research and Design engagements

Required Qualifications

  • Advanced university degree in social sciences and humanities, international development, community intervention , or collaborative design fields
  • Demonstrated experience and expertise in programme design
  • Demonstrated experience in applying human-centred design, participatory action research, and/or ethnographic methods
  • Demonstrated experience in applying participatory- and/or co-design methods
  • Strong facilitation and communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal, analytical, and report writing skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural environment
  • Familiarity with UNICEF and/or UNDP programmes, processes, policies an asset
  • Knowledge of youth and adolescent programming an asset
  • Knowledge of Kosovo context an asset
  • Fluency in English is a requirement; fluency in Albanian, Serbian, and/or Roma languages an asset
  • 3-5 Years of experience


The consultant will work under the direct guidance and supervision of the UNICEF Innovations Lab Manager. He/she will work in close cooperation with the joint UN programme design working group, which is co-led by the UNICEF Head of Office and UN Development Coordinator.

Regular meetings to ensure compliance with the TOR and overall progress, as per the agreed work plan.

Official Travel

It is estimated that a minimum of 14 days in-field, including 4 days outside of Prishtina, will be required.

Facilities and Equipment to be furnished to the Consultant

The Consultant will be expected to use his/her own laptop and communications equipment; additional equipment (including photo/video/recording equipment) will be furnished by participating agencies. Work space will be made available to the consultant during time in-field by participating agencies.

Estimated Duration of the Contract

It is estimated that the consultant will require a maximum of 35 working days to complete the assignment:

Payment Schedule

  • 30% upon agreement on the consultancy plan.
  • 20% upon completion of the Research and Design phases
  • 30% upon delivery of the Project Proposal and Project Proposal Executive Summary
  • 20% following deliver of final consultancy report

Penalty Clause

Penalties for Unsatisfactory Performance or Incomplete Assignment

In all cases, consultants may only be paid their fees upon satisfactory completion of services.

Unsatisfactory Performance

In case of unsatisfactory performance the contract will be terminated by notification letter sent five days prior to the termination date.

Performance Indicators

The consultant’s performance will be evaluated against the following criteria: timely deliverable of quality outputs, work relations, communication, and dependability/reliability in carrying out the assignments.

How to apply

Interested and suitable candidates should send their applications, including cover letter, P-11 ( and CV with Subject “Joint Youth and Adolescent Programme Development Consultant” to Ms. Ilire Perjuci Selimi ( on or before 8 June 2015. Applicants must clearly indicate the position applied for and a requested daily rate in USD. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

All references to Kosovo are made in the context of UN Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999).

Job Opportunity: Innovation Research Volunteer, Copenhagen
Job Opportunity: mHealth Program Manager, New York [Flexible]