Interview with Global Design For UNICEF Challenge Winners: We Are Siblings
Interview with Global Design for UNICEF Challenge Winners: HealthConnect


What inspired you to enter the UNICEF Challenge?
We never thought that we will run as far now and being the winner. The first time we knew about this competition, we think to challenge ourselves to do something different from our focus study now; food technology. And after we searched more detail about three focus of this competition (child protection, emergencies, and sanitation), we found out that there are important problem which should be combated in our country. And because of we love children and we don’t want to see them suffer, we want to do something for them together with UNICEF.

Why did you choose this particular topic?
We chose this topic because some of us are the victim of bullying, for example is Aldila, but fortunately she have family who always support her. But we don’t know children outside there. Do they have someone who can help them? We know that bullying can affect in their spirit and possibly destroy the children’s future and We don’t want to see like that happened in our little brother and sister. We also find that sometimes, society see this case as a common case and no need attention. We’re sad knowing that fact.

What challenges did you have to overcome while working on your project?
While working on this project, some challenges that we face are:
a) How to engage with school and parents to being our supported partners?
b) How to gain children’s trust so they want to join our program? Because as we know, some bullying victims are ashamed and afraid to tell their problem.
c) How to maintain the spirit of children, volunteer and ambassador during the program?
d) How to sinergize our project with government?
But until now, we always try to find best solution for that challenge.
For Ayendha, especially, she face challenge to manage her time between her own activity and this project.

What did you learn from participating in the whole process?
Many things we have learnt from participating this program. As example, we have to learn making interesting videos and presentation, learn to make and identify our BMC’s project, learn to think and work effectively, as well as build strong team work. But the most important thing that we learn is working sincerely for others. But especially for Cynthia she learn to expanding networking area that she never got before for example with UNICEF, government, student affairs in IPB, and other expertise.

How would you apply your learning from this initiative in your life?
After working in this project, we felt more responsible to be more sensitive to problem around us. we don’t want to just see something bad happened but we want to take a part to be that problem solver. We learnt to always challenge us come out from our comfort zone and learn as many as possible in our life. For Nia, especially, she is more curious about child bullying case in Indonesia and how to solve it.

What do you see on the Innovation horizon for Indonesia?
We predict in the future, Indonesia will provide children friendly city in each city in Indonesia who always care with children especially who have problem. We are sure that Indonesia also can create young generation with strong character. We also hope culture to sharing, caring, take an initiative can being Indonesian habit. As personally Mujahid thinks that all Indonesia people can use technology widely and properly.

What’s next for you?
This project is designed for big scale in five big Island in Indonesia and even more but in the beginning we try it in pilot scale. Together with UNICEF Indonesia, Indonesian government, and NGO, we are going to run this project in Bogor area for 6 months. Then we need to evaluate it then scale up to the bigger project.


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Interview with Global Design For UNICEF Challenge Winners: We Are Siblings
Interview with Global Design for UNICEF Challenge Winners: HealthConnect