Technical Update #1. Intended as a resource for others working in the Ebola Response.

We have been working for the last month to take many of the amazing open-souce products developed by UNICEF’s Innovation Labs around the world and work with a variety of partners to apply them to the Ebola response in West Africa.  The following video is a technical update to health responders on Friday in Monrovia and will be of interest to those who are curious about health systems integration or collaboration around open source technology.

There is a lot of exciting stuff happening this week, as the Liberian Ministry of Health launches alpha versions of two key products – and more will be available on that in the coming days.  Here is a technical update from Friday’s presentation to partners involved in the response at the Emergency Operations Center in Monrovia

You can find the slide deck here: Presentation of MoH work

Patrick prepping a demo of RapidPro extending the exiting Ministry of Health databases

These are prototypes – and they won’t work right the first time around – but we will be building them and sharing that process with you over the coming week.


This is just a quick post to update everyone on what is coming and to start bringing in comments from the many partners who are working together with the Ministry of Health on this initiative – USAID, the CDC, WHO, UNICEF, Instedd, eHealth Africa, ONA, RBHS, and a ton of others who I am forgetting (apologies) but who are all teaming up in a spirit of amazing collaboration.

Chris Fabian
Monrovia, Liberia
19 October, 2014