Download the report here: UNICEF Innovation 2014 Annual Report

The UNICEF Innovation 2014 Annual Report is a comprehensive overview of our current focus, structure, and strategies – and how we strengthen the overall UNICEF mission. These three categories are expanded upon to show in detail how we work, where we work, and our goals for the future.

The main focus, giving access to information, opportunity, and choice to all children, is shown tangibly through specific projects from around the world. How we launch and scale these projects is shown in our structure–the strength of UNICEF Innovation is shown in our varied global offices and our emphasis on work that happens in the field. At the root of our structure, we show the principles that govern these innovations, and how they uniquely propel each project into relevant, scalable initiatives.

In our “Strategy” section, we explain the common areas of work that unite the 300 innovation projects around the world, and form the building blocks of our partnerships with those who share our commitment to access for all. Our report captures select engagements with partners from the private sector and academia, the future themes we’re exploring, and our new financial engagements established to extend our reach and impact. This document is designed to inspire our readers and demonstrate how innovation truly allows us to “unite for children”.

Zoe Padgett, 2014 UNICEF Innovation Designmatters Fellow and Media Design Practices graduate student at Art Center College of Design.

As this year’s UNICEF Innovation design fellow, I was tasked with creating the unit’s annual report. Over the past three months, I worked in collaboration with the global UNICEF Innovation team to create a systematic overview of the team’s work.