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Members of the Young Reporter Network discuss the questions of the advocacy game that they are about to moderate. Photo credit: UNICEF DRC

To shift the traditional DRC narrative, from misery to hope, from problems to solutions, we created ‘Po na bana’, a blog literally for the children in Lingala. Material produced by the Child reporters is one of the core pillars of this platform whose strength lies within the contributions that come from children, staff and other players involved in children’s rights in DRC.

Indeed this combination of internal and external voices illustrates the opportunities that reside within DRC, and which UNICEF and its partners support. In addressing both national and international audiences the blog strengthens UNICEF’s credibility and amplifies our voice. By offering a space for everyone who is concerned with children in DRC to share and learn, Po na Bana has become a space of trust and mobilization, and establishing itself as a credible source of information.

From its launch in 2013 until now over 250 articles, written by children, staff and external guests (donors, experts, VIPs) were published. Since May 2014 it is available in French and English and has seen >30,000 visitors.  It serves a triple purpose, with the dissemination of quality information about the situation of children in DRC, the unbranded visibility of donors and partners, and the amplification of ‘real voices’. Its content is shared via a weekly newsletter, and relayed through UNICEF DRC’s accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, counting a combined audience of 15,000 followers.

To find out more please check http://ponabana.com/

Cornelia Walther
Chief of Communication, UNICEF DRC/Kinshasa


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