Last week, the message from the Chile Country Office and Socialab staff was loud and clear: “We are so excited that AquaPallet and Instanet are arriving! We are ready to get to work and make their vision an even more concrete reality!”


The teams arrive in Chile for the two-week prototyping phase of the First 72 Hours Challenge.  Each team will work with UNICEF and Socialab staff and other specialist to develop their idea further.  Each group has a distinct goal based on the customized support they requested and need.

Instanet will be focused on strengthening their business plan.  To do that the representative from Instanet, Joakim Larsson, will receive one-to-one coaching from Socialab’s Start-Up Director Francisca Severino, as well as have a full day session with other entrepreneurs focused on any and all questions and challenges currently faced by the Swedish team.

Joakim will also meet with staff of the Chilean National Office for Emergencies (ONEMI) to best understand how to align his team’s invention with the emergency response necessities of those affected by disasters in Chile, and with professionals from MOVISTAR, a national telecommunications company, to continue to identify the best products to construct his wi-fi apparatus in the most economic and sustainable way possible.


“No matter how much a team develops their idea before coming on-site, the face-to-face experience is invaluable.  What we see time and again, is that the speed of development is accelerated dramatically and we are confident Instanet’s business plan will be gold standard by the time they get on the plane back to Sweden,” stated Francisca Severino.

The AquaPallet team, represented by the wife of the Craill Team, Moira, has a different goal altogether.  Their goal is to have the prototype built and ready to show to media and potential investors.  So, Moira’s two weeks will include bike parts, plastic pieces and lots of nuts and bolts.  She will be working with Socialab partner, Santiago MakerSpace and be in an environment of other entrepreneurs making what is written on paper come to life.


In addition to building, Moira will also receive one-to-one coaching and take part in an all day session focused on the business plan of Aquapallet.

“We are 100% certain that once Moira gets her hands dirty and sees her vision come to life, her business plan will naturally be strengthened because she will know exactly what she will be offering to potential investors and organizations interested in making this creation global, and address the needs of children and families when a disaster hits,” said Julio Dantas, Innovation Focal Point at Chile’s Country Office.

And, yes both teams will be in Chile during the final of the World Cup, so clearly their schedule includes some time off to enjoy this global event that is very important for all Chileans.