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This week we are proud to introduce you to Nicholas Haan who is part of our 9 to Watch series – a set of interviews that highlights 9 incredible innovators from around the world.

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Haan
Photo courtesy of Nicholas Haan

Nicholas is taking risks and reaping rewards in most aspects of his life.

Having already completed a 500 km kayak expedition across Lake Victoria, he’s now about to embark on an even riskier, more remote adventure when he and a kayak partner cover the length of Lake Turkana in Kenya and Ethiopia.

With Singularity University (SU), he is consistently viewing the world as it might look 5 or 10 years from now. SU takes exponential technologies – think anything that is growing at an accelerating rate, like Robotics, Nanotechnology, or Bioinformatics – beyond the classroom and into the world, with goal of addressing humanity’s greatest challenges.

This year, Nicholas has been brokering a partnership between SU and UNICEF forward which is, according to all involved, an absolute win-win. SU’s mission is to use such technology to positively impact one billion people, so organizational partners with both scale and expertise help further that goal enormously. As for UNICEF, being connected to this amazing network of innovators provides direct access to ideas, inventions but also, and perhaps most importantly, mentorship and a forum for local entrepreneurs.

In addition to continuing to expand how SU works with impact partners, Nicholas is knee deep in a few other projects that should also see a lot of progress this year. One is his start up, Global Good Brokerage, which is a new financial marketplace for funding international development activities aimed to both improve efficiency and reduce what he calls “an unequal power dynamic among people giving money and people implementing projects.” So all this coupled with trailblazer kayak expeditions means we’re expecting to see quite a bit of action.

WATCH Nicholas make exciting decisions regarding how Singularity University harnesses its brilliance for good.

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