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As explored in the posts highlighting RapidFTR this week, RapidFTR is a tool to support Family Tracing and Reunification efforts at the country level. RapidFTR is not a programme on its own, but rather a programme-driven tool to help improve the effectiveness of results for children in emergencies. Such programme-driven innovation is central to what the UNICEF Innovation team does — and, through innovations like RapidFTR, this approach is becoming standard practice in the humanitarian and development space alike.

Mathilde Bienvenu, Child Protection in Emergency Specialist on the issue of Unaccompanied and Separated Children with UNICEF NYHQ, is supporting the programmatic side of RapidFTR deployments. She engages in making sure appropriate family tracing and reunification mechanisms are in place at the country level, and helps country-level Child Protection teams and partners ensure that RapidFTR is deployed appropriately and successfully. Here, she shares some of her thoughts and experiences with RapidFTR.



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