Photo credit: Anahita Arora, Innovation Unit, UNICEF NYHQ
Photo credit: Anahita Arora, Innovation Unit, UNICEF NYHQ

In February, Mac Glovinsky, Lead of Innovation in Humanitarian Action at UNICEF, got Columbia students excited about the Global Innovation Challenge: First 72 Hours by sharing insights from his deployment to the Philippines after the Typhoon Haiyan disaster. Mac is one of the mentors guiding participants to develop potential solutions. Want to have a mentor of your own? Go ahead and join the Challenge!

First 72 Hours is a contest that challenges private individuals, academia, businesses, and organizations to come up with ideas that will help the world to respond better to disasters. The winning teams will receive $15,000 in seed funding as well as a paid trip to Chile for two weeks to incubate their ideas.

Mentors guide the development process for promising solutions through the contest’s online platform. They answer questions and give subject-specific expertise to support the participants. Who would you like to be your mentor?


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