Source: Technology Salon
Source: Technology Salon

Our team participated in the Technology Salon held on February 6th in New York City.

The Technology Salon focused on the organizational challenges that development organizations face when trying to innovate or integrate Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) into their programs and operations. The discussants looked at the idea of “innovation” and different ways to approach it. They asked what “innovation” really means and why “technology” and “innovation” seem to always be used interchangeably. The discussants shared ideas, challenges and best practices in supporting and encouraging staff, managers, and donors to experiment with new and improved ways of doing things.

Points covered during the discussion included:

  • What is innovation?
  • What fuels innovation?
  • Encouraging innovation within large development organizations
  • Metrics for innovation
  • Decentralizing the innovation function
  • Ideas for taking innovation and ICT4D forward

Read the full summary of the interesting discussion by Somto Fab-Ukozor and Rachana Kumar here

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