Uganda Innovation Lab. Photo credit: UNICEF
Uganda Innovation Lab. Photo credit: UNICEF

Innovation labs are popping up around the globe to foster social innovation and local co-production of solutions. How can these innovation labs support research, document what works, fuel cross-sector collaboration, and foster experimentation with an eye to finding and scaling good ideas? What does an “ecosystem for innovation” require, and how can innovation occur in large development organizations?

Please join Adarsh Desai of the World Bank, and three other experts, our UNICEF Innovation Advisor Chris Fabian, Programme Manager Maria May of BRAC’s Social Innovation Lab, and Director Aleem Walji of World Bank Innovation Labs, in a conversation about the role of innovation labs and different approaches to creating ecosystems to foster innovation. Join the conversation here.

See also an overview of the problem profile: Ecosystems for Innovation and resources for learning more about social innovation labs.

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