Charag Krishnan ’14, Otmane El Manser ’14 and Richie Khandelwal ’14 took first place at the C.K. Prahalad Case Competition with their business plan for life-saving birth kits. Photo credit: Kellogg School of Management

We are excited that a former UNICEF Fellow Charag Krishnan and his team won a prize with their business plan for birth kits at the C. K. Prahalad Case Competition. Congratulations from the UNICEF Innovation Unit!

Social responsibility and business logic give team top honors for birth kit plan

11/11/2013 – Maternal healthcare tugs the heartstrings, but three Kellogg students took the top prize at the C. K. Prahalad Case Competition for coming up with a solid business plan for an India-based company that makes sterile birth kits for pregnant mothers.

“It was a classic dilemma: Do you go for profits or choose impact?” says team member Charag Krishnan ’14. “What we tried to do was optimize for both long-term impact and profits.”

The Kellogg team of Krishnan, Richie Khandelwal ’14 and 2014 Siebel Scholar Otmane El Manser ’14 took first place at the Oct. 31 case competition, which was hosted by the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business during its 2013 India Business Conference. The Kellogg team bested more than 80 teams at the event, winning $2,000 for their first-place win.

As part of the competition, the team explored expansion opportunities for the ayzh company, whose birth kits had successfully reduced maternal mortality rates in Tamil Nadu, an urban state in India. The for-profit social venture ayzh was eyeing markets in both sub-Saharan Africa and rural areas of India – two very different regions.

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