The earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 2010 left houses completely destroyed in Chile. Photo credits: www.boston.com

Chile Oct 25, 2013 – Whatever the emergency, whether it is a natural disaster or an armed conflict, the commotion affects everybody equally. Chile is no exception since earthquakes whip the nation from time to time, and in the past we have seen the country involved in conflicts with its neighboring nations. Christopher Fabian, innovator and designer at UNICEF, is visiting the country to announce the establishment of an innovation lab that will unite ideas of entrepreneurs with the rest of the world in order to solve the negative consequences of catastrophes.

The co-founder of UNICEF’s Innovation Unit was invited to the International Festival of Social Innovation (Festival Internacional de Innovación Social FiiS2013) today to present his ideas at the Museum of Visual Arts (Museo de Artes Visuales, MAVI).

Fabian, considered a guru in social innovation, talked about a new project that will be set up in the country in co-operation with Socialab, the Chilean platform for social entrepreneurship. UNICEF’s Innovation Unit, with its headquarters in New York, works in various countries in the world to stimulate and facilitate the adoption of different approaches in emergencies. Now, they have arrived in South-America and Chile to implement this system. “We chose Chile because we have known Socialab for years and we believe that their strategies are aligned with ours. They are good partners to work with entrepreneurs”, says Fabian. Furthermore, he highlighted that once the lab has been established, the ideas that are generated within can be exported.

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