Behind the scenes: U-Report on TV. A student in Mpigi District, Uganda.

We are excited to show you the first episode of U-Report TV show in Uganda. It is hosted by young U-Reporters who introduce the concept of U-Report – what it is and how it works. The episode also gives instructions on how to join the U-Report team and become a U-Reporter yourself.

The U-report team travelled across Uganda to meet young U-Reporters and seek one-on-one views and opinions about the system.  U-Reporters then shared their views on what they like about U-Report and what topics they would like to be discussed by the system. Ugandan Government and Uganda Scouts Association also talk about the importance of U-Report from their point of view.

“I’m able to express myself and voice out all the challenges I’m facing in my community and I’m doing that on behalf of my fellow youths that I’m living with”, says Praise Kikina, from Kasese when asked about what she likes about U-Report.

What is U-Report?

U-Report is a free SMS-based social monitoring system which links Ugandans to health information, government services, and, most importantly, each other. It empowers young Ugandans to influence and drive change in issues important to them in their own communities, such as education, child protection and health, among others. There are currently over 230,000 U-Reporters in Uganda, the number growing each day. Read more about U-Report here

See the inspiring first episode of U-Report TV show here

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