Young Ugandans gather around to use UNICEF’s unique innovation the solar-powered Digital Drum, at Bosco Youth Centre in Gulu, Uganda. UGANDA, 2011. © UNICEF/UGDA2011-00099/YANNICK TYLLE

We are exited to publish a Spanish version of the Innovation Labs: Do-It-Yourself Guide. The Guide offers useful information on how to set up an Innovation Lab of your own. It explains what the Labs are and offers step-by-step operative instructions on how to establish one. The Guide also introduces some existing Innovation Labs and presents different technical documentation that can be adapted to your needs.

Julio Cezar Dantas from UNICEF Chile describes their cooperation with SOCIALAB:

“La asociación con organizaciones de la sociedad civil como SOCIALAB ofrece una oportunidad para co-crear, aprender e innovar. Juntos estamos creando nuevas soluciones a viejos problemas y generando eficiencia al trabajo de las Oficinas País.”

“The work with civil society partners like SOCIALAB offers an opportunity to co-create, learn and innovate. Together we are generating new solutions to old problems and developing effective practices for our Country Offices.”