Young men view information at a UNICEF solar-powered Digital Drum computer kiosk at Bosco Youth Centre in the northern district of Gulu. UGANDA, 2011. © UNICEF/NYHQ2011-2052/YANNICK TYLLE

CNN describes the Uganda Innovation Lab as the place “where great minds and unusual materials combine”. The CNN video shows what the Lab does in order to provide new tools for Ugandan children to access the Ugandan educational curriculum even though not everyone can attend school. Children are excited and learn outside educational facilities.

The Uganda Lab tries to find new ways to use the existing technology and equipment in a rural context and to create rugged and easy-to-use solutions that do not require any training to use. See the video and learn more about Mobi-Station and Digital Drum (Digital Youth Kiosk) – low energy solutions that work on solar power.

See the video on CNN here

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