FORMER YUGOSLAVIA, 1992. Eleven-year-old Adisa returns from a religion class held in a makeshift camp in the town of Resnick near Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. She is among 5,000 Muslim refugees from conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina. © UNICEF/NYHQ1992-0411/JOHN ISAAC

Zagreb, OCTOBER 24 – 27, 2013

UNICEF organizes, together with Faculty of Architecture and Graduate School of Design at the University of Zagreb, a hands-on experience workshop to develop concepts and design solutions for real needs of learning environments.

The workshop aims to use architectural and product design as tools for action in need. The need rises from emergency context situations which results in lack of healthy and well equipped learning spaces for students. Working along with UNICEF Education Specialist/Architect, students of architecture and industrial design will learn the concepts of transitional learning spaces, as provisory solutions. Furthermore the workshop aims to develop tools for solving site-specific problems in Croatia, as a transitional and post-war country, in which still there are a number of local communities without proper learning spaces for children. The workshop will open with a lecture by Carlos Vasquez and Faculty on October 24 at 6.30 pm.

During four days, led by mentors, MA students of architecture and industrial design will put to trial their already gained project skills and deliver interdisciplinary responses to problems found in local community in specific sites of five existing elementary schools in Požeško-slavonska region.

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Contact Carlos Vasquez at cvasquez@unicef.org for more information and enrollment.