From July 15th-17th, the UNICEF Uganda country office and innovation lab hosted an Afghanistan country office delegation for a study tour. UNICEF Uganda regularly hosts visitors studying the design and implementation of technology for development (T4D) solutions and is becoming legendary in its scaling up of T4D products in sectors such as education, health, and child protection. The purpose of the trip was to develop expertise in reducing time to get projects deployed for remote monitoring of UNICEF activities in Afghanistan. The trip also included training of seven new staff as innovators, the majority of whom are Afghan. On day one, the delegation was immersed in scaled up T4D platforms, including mTrac, eduTrac, and uReport. Day two placed mobile technologies in the broader context of accountability, aid activities, and government, as well as hands-on sessions for software development. Day three involved a field trip to a Ministry of Health district office and hospital to see mTrac in the field and hear from the experiences of users.

 The final session of the trip involved a product design session. Delegations came away with design principles, product solutions, and the skills necessary to build on the successful innovations deployed in Uganda for the remote monitoring of child deprivations within Afghanistan.

Richard Stanley