Rapid Route to Reuniting Congolese Children With Their Families
"Three Text Messages That Are Changing Africa"
RWANDA, 2011. A community health worker sends a Rapid SMS message for an ambulance from the house of a pregnant woman in Rukoro neighbourhood in the city of Musanze in northern Rwanda. © UNICEF/RWAA2011-00482/SHEHZAD NOORANI
The RapidSMS community just launched a new RapidSMS.org website. This website offers many new features over the previous website, including:
  • Individual/Organization user accounts – You can create an account for your organization or as an individual (via GitHub too!)
  • User contributed projects – submit your project and list it among the other RapidSMS projects around the world
  • Pluggable app index – Add your open source, pluggable RapidSMS project to the index here to share with the rest of the community
  • Powered by Django – Open issues and submit pull requests on GitHub

RapidSMS is a toolset for rapidly building SMS (text message) services for data collection, streamlining complex workflows, and group coordination using basic mobile phones — and can present information on the internet as soon as it is received.

RapidSMS was first developed by UNICEF Innovation in 2008 to strengthen data collection efforts for UNICEF country offices around the world. So far RapidSMS has been customized and deployed with diverse functionality: remote health diagnostics, nutrition surveillance, supply chain tracking, registering children in public health campaigns, and community discussion.

RapidSMS was designed to be customized for the challenges of governments, multilateral, international- and non-government organizations, and development practitioners: working effectively in spite of geographical remoteness of constituents, limited infrastructure (roads, electricity), and slow data collection (due to paper-based records, slow courier systems, etc).

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Rapid Route to Reuniting Congolese Children With Their Families
"Three Text Messages That Are Changing Africa"