Launch of Child Friendly Technology Framework

We are pleased to share with you the “Child Friendly Technology Framework – 52 worksheets for brainstorming and project planning”, also known as the CFT.

You can start using the CFT when you have an idea for a project with a technology component that is focused on children and adolescents. It consists of 52 worksheets grouped into seven sections. These worksheets serve as programme guidance and can spark conversations among your team members. The CFT will guide you through strategizing a context-specific plan, without proposing a one-size-fits-all solution. The finishing product will be a completed Concept Note and Executive Summary, which is essentially the Terms of Reference for your project. You can finalize it, share it, and kick off your work.

The CFT is created by the UNICEF Innovation Unit, Supply Division and Programme Division based on dedicated work and extensive research of UNICEF Country Offices. We hope that sharing the CFT will assist you in creating a Child Friendly Technology project that leaves a lasting impact.

Get full document at: Child_Friendly_Technology_Framework

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