Every month the emergency team in the UNICEF West and Central Africa Regional Office in Senegal creates a one-page overview of the emergency situation in Mali and three countries surrounding Mali. The primary purpose of this overview is to help people outside of UNICEF to understand what is going on in Mali and to present what UNICEF is doing in Mali.

People inside and outside of UNICEF had positive reaction to this snapshot because it is refreshing to see something visual and simple. When I was visiting the Regional Office, the emergency team wanted visual help with the snapshot.

First, I worked on the hierarchy and organization of the content. Through my research I found the colors used to represent different areas of UNICEF to differentiate the topics in the snapshot not just verbally, but also visually.


I found these colors in UNICEF West and Central Africa Region page


April 2013 Snapshot (Before)
Final June 2013 Snapshot (After)

I also focused on improving the map visualization. I added keys to the map and separated different data and numbers on the map with a visual cue. The light blue number represents the Internally Displaced People in Mali and black number represents the Mailan Refugees in other countries. I also used an icon of people moving out of the country to represent the Malian Refugees to communicate quickly.

Vertical and Horizontal Template in Powerpoint

Horizontal template

After the design was approved, I worked on creating Powerpoint templates for the emergency team to use. Every month, there are different amount of content and emphasis for the Mali +3 Countries Snapshot, so I wanted to give them a consistent template that could be flexible.

Minsun Mini Kim, Interaction Design Fellow at Innovation Unit
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