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UNICEF Democratic Republic of the Congo is recruiting on a Temporary Appointment (364 days) – from September 2013 to August 2014


Snapshot: Are you a motivated, experienced project manager wanting to make a positive impact on children’s lives? Do you have experience with SMS based campaigns and speak French?

Join us as Programme Officer for setting up U-report, a Rapid SMS application, which will allow thousands of Congolese children and their families to express their opinion and concerns.

U-report has been successfully set up in Uganda and reached high international attention to mention only some highlights through a recent visit by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in Uganda and a TED Talk by Bono.

Improvement of Service Delivery through Social Monitoring in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

1. Context

UNICEF is known for its innovative approaches. An important innovation has been the RapidSMS system, for which UNICEF staff members[1] have been elected by the TIME magazine among the 100 most influential people in the world in 2013. UNICEF Uganda has implemented in the past two years a RapidSMS application called U-report, allowing so far over 200,000 people to express their opinion and concerns. Given the success in Uganda and other countries, the UNICEF Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is planning to launch U-report within the next months in order to reach by the end of 2017, at least 500,000 people.

U-report Definition: Ureport uses a participatory crowd-sourcing approach to strengthen citizen-led social monitoring and support community advocacy for basic entitlements.

The Ureport strategy is comprised of:

  • a free SMS system, weekly poll questions and useful information sent out to the growing community of thousands of youth who are recruited as “Ureporters”, and data that the Ureporters send back into the system

  • a web-based administration tool for managers, and a public website

  • an ongoing media campaign to take data gathered from the Ureport community, and broadcast it out via various channels (radio, web, TV, print, etc)

  • direct channeling of reports to authorities and “channels of influence” to quickly address actual service delivery challenges at the local level; this will include strengthening the Ureport networks themselves to enhance use of this information organizationally.

Check out the U-report Uganda website: http://www.ureport.ug/

UNICEF DRC is looking for an experienced project officer and communications/campaign expert based in Kinshasa, DRC, to work on this innovative national campaign that engages communities, and specifically youth and youth organizations, in reporting on service delivery and other critical community issues.

 2. Justification

U-report is a new initiative for UNICEF DRC.  As such the office does not have the capacity to implement the project with its current staff. Coordinating a multi-sectoral project such as U-report requires a full time Programme Officer.

UNICEF DRC needs a skilled Programme Officer and communications/campaign expert to set up U-report in the DRC. The Programme Officer will coordinate the project on a daily basis and ensure that there is a clear strategy in place to reach communities, gather relevant information and empower people to address local issues as well as use this information to exert influence on local, regional and national stakeholders as part of a larger governance and accountability strategy. He/she is also expected to ensure information collected feeds into UNICEF and the Government of DRC’s programmatic goals: to provide the best possible environment for children.

3. Objective

By 2017, 500,000 girls and boys and in particular youth, women and their families voice their opinion via a Rapid SMS application called U-report and constitute an important source for decentralized monitoring of the UNICEF DRC country programme.

The Programme Officer is responsible for setting up and maintaining the system coordinating with all the programme sections involved.

4. Methodology and Technical Approach

He/she will be supervised by the Programme Officer, PPMK, UNICEF Kinshasa. However, he/she will be required to work independently with colleagues at national level and in the provinces, partners and beneficiaries. The assignment requires him/her to work with a wide range of UNICEF staff from all the programme sections, with civil society and Government partners, Application Developers and Telecom services providers.

5. Activities

  • Adapt U-report to local needs, implement, test and launch within 2 months of onboarding.

  • Supervision of staff: developer/data analyst and depending on the growth of the programme, additional support staff;

  • Ensure that project deliverables are provided on time and on budget;

  • Coordinate the recruitment of people into the programme and liaise with youth and community groups and Government and NGO partners;

  • Update the U-report website with relevant survey results and updates;

  • Ensure that the information collected via U-report is available to the programme sections and guide their activities;

  • Support programme sections in engaging with ministries and parliamentarians;

  • Train the partner’s focal points on the utilization of U-report;

  • Monitor, analyze and evaluate U-report.

6. Budget and Remuneration

UN fee range at P2 level; based on academic qualification and years of experience. Daily subsistence allowance will be paid for official travel outside Kinshasa.

7. Qualifications and Experience

 It is required that the Programme Officer has:

  • An Advanced Degree in a relevant field such as IT, communications, international relations, sociology, or a similar field;

  • Several years (at least 2) of progressive experience with demonstrated results as a project officer;

  • Previous experience with SMS-based campaigns, mobile phone or other technology applications;

  • Strong leadership skills;

  • Excellent communication skills;

  • Fluency in written and spoken French and English.

It is highly recommended that the Programme Officer has:

  • Experience with a high-level communications campaign across multiple mediums, with national brand recognition;

  • Experience giving user-based feedback to the development of software applications;

  • understanding of community-based channels of influence, community-based communication and development, participatory rural appraisal (PRA) methodologies, and/or ethnographic research;

  • Experience working with community based organizations;

  • Experience engaging with political structures, civil society pressure groups, and other channels of national influence;

  • Experience with monitoring and evaluation.

It is advantageous for the Programme Officer to have:

Previous experience working in developing countries especially in Africa and with development actors: donors, UN agencies, civil society, government ministries.

Additionally, the Programme Officer must be:

  • Willing to live in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (non-family duty station). S/He will be eligible for rest and recuperation travel every two months (5 days out of the country).

  • Willing to travel (sometimes on short notice) to work with partners in the field, directly with end-users, in sometimes challenging conditions.

8. Application

If you meet these requirements and are highly motivated, please send your application in one email (UNICEF Personal History form valid within the last six months[2], CV and a short one-page cover letter in FRENCH as to why you meet these requirements.

Incomplete applications cannot be considered.  Please send your application stating in the subject line “TA L2 – PROGRAMME OFFICER, U-REPORT” to kinshasahr@unicef.org by 21 July 2013.



We are looking forward to working with you and seeing your ideas advancing the wellbeing of children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo!

[1] http://www.unicef.org/policyanalysis/index_68798.html

[2] The UN Personal History P11 form may be downloaded from: http://www.unicef.org/about/employ/index_apply.html

UNICEF short-term vacancies: Junior T4D Information management consultancy
Job opportunity: UNICEF Malawi Innovation Lead