On June 17, 2013, UNICEF, Save the Children, the MDG Health Alliance, frog design and the One Million Community Health Workers Campaign launched a blog to share updates from the Backpack PLUS project: http://chwplus.tumblr.com/.


The Backpack PLUS project is a multi-phase initiative intended to develop a set of solutions that empowers community health workers (CHWs) and enhances their ability to save lives. These solutions include creation of a physical prototype kit as well as an improved ‘operating system’ of better training, supervision, incentives, and supply chain management.

The blog includes reports and images from the team’s field work in Uganda and Senegal as well as updates from initial workshops in New York and Kampala.

Backpack PLUS is intended to become a symbol for the CHW community and is seeking to align partners and facilitate dialogue. The initiative is supported by a range of organizations from across the corporate, non-profit, and public sectors.