"We're All U-Reporters Now" #uinnovate
Blue is the Color of the Playground

Part of our work in UNICEF’s Innovation Unit is looking 3-5 years into the future and getting a sense of trends that will be important for the organization in new types of partnerships, new and accelerated business processes and spaces for new technology to be put against programmatic (operational) challenges.

The path forward

It’s already a quarter of the way into the new year, so without further ado: here are a set of trends that we see as important in the upcoming year of innovation in global development. Please feel free to take issue (or agree) in the comments.

2013 will be the year that…

Governments, at the highest level, are seeing the benefits of massive system innovations
    • Example: We’re making this based on some inside information, which we can’t share yet- but for a sneak peek, take a look at all the other work that’s happening in metrics+innovation these days.
At the recent UNICEF Executive Board, Executive Director Anthony Lake lays out a compelling vision for innovation in learning
  •   we see open-source technology as a driver of south-south collaboration – and find technologies being created in one region and adapted and scaled in others (including south to north transfer)
A recent meeting at the White House in DC raised ideas of sharing UNICEF’s experience in emergency work globally with responders in the “global north”
This over-the-shoulder phone shot is certainly a bit cliche, but sometimes cliche means success

Christopher Fabian & Erica Kochi

Milan & New York. February, 2013

"We're All U-Reporters Now" #uinnovate
Blue is the Color of the Playground