I was recently asked to contribute to the Skoll World Forum ‘Up for Debate’ series on ‘How Do We Cure mHealth Pilotitis’.

The article looks at what makes mobiles so useful for health,  what success looks like,  barriers to scale, and things that you need to get right from the get go.

Article highlights:

  • Successful mHealth initiatives scale to even the most underserved areas where the majority of deaths occur, and are funded and supported over the long-term.
  • Major barriers to scaling: the donor community, the lack of a national strategy, and a technology & public health sector clash.
  • Key principles for scale: costing for scale, designing for end users, aligning with key partners and priorities, and providing adequate evidence.

Read the full article –  ‘mHealth: Moving Beyond Pilots to Scale and Impact’

The ‘Up for Debate’ series is a flagship offering of the new Skoll World Forum platform, to which past contributors include a wide range of global authorities including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Managing Director of the World Bank Caroline Anstey, President of the Inter-American Development Bank Luis Moreno, Executive Director of UNFPA Babatunde Osotimehin, and CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Jeff Raikes.