UNICEF Innovation Labs: Do-It-Yourself Guide


We are thrilled to launch the first version of UNICEF’s Innovation Lab guide to setting up an innovation lab.  Take a look below or download it here.

This document contains lessons learned from the four labs that existed at the time of writing, and has informed some of the new labs that are coming online at the end of 2012 (for example, the exciting collaboration with IIT Delhi in India.)


Potential future Head of Lab, Khartoum, Sudan (Photo: Panthea Lee)

This guide also has the worksheets, budgeting documents and Terms-of-References that you could use to structure your own lab or innovation initiative.  The document and all its resources are open source (CC-By-SA) and will be updated as we have capacity.  Many thanks to Dustin and Dee, our amazing designers and analysts behind the document, as well as to the terrific UNICEF staff, and partners, and others who contributed to this effort.

Bon Voyage! (get the guide here)

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