Data collection workers at the Nindye Health Center put together details of diseases and drug supplies to be sent by text message to the district office.

In TIME Magazine latest issues covers one of UNICEF’s mHealth systems in Uganda . M-Trac is a SMS-based disease surveillance and medicine tracking system. It provides real-time data for response while monitoring health service delivery performance. The initiative also integrates governance and accountability through citizen feedback, an anonymous hotline and public dialogue sessions. UNICEF Uganda and the Ministry of Health are currently rolling this out nationwide (2012-2014). M-Trac is supplemented by uReport which uses free SMS (texting) to hear from young people in remote area. As of July 2012, over 130,000 young Ugandans were signed up. They receive weekly polls to their phones on community services and youth issues, and in return receive results and useful facts for action. The Government of Uganda publishes results in newspapers, radio and television.

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