U-report is at the Rio+20 summit supporting the Government of Uganda in its negotiations around  youth and children. Fatuma, our U-reporter in Rio, is sitting with the Ugandan Delegation in these negotiations. After these meetings she sends out poll questions to our 125,000 U-reporters in Uganda.

Overnight, thousands of Ugandans send in responses to these questions. This information is then compiled a short report for the Ugandan Delegation to help in their negotiations to ensure the voice of youth and children in Uganda are heard.

For example, the Government of Uganda wanted to know the opinion of young people on the MDGs so we asked U-reporters about the current MDG status. 55% of U-reporters perceive that the MDGs have not been achieved, and within that health is cited as a primary failure. There are also more requests from young people to find out more about the MDGs. Another U-report poll we conducted was on climate issues experienced by young people in Uganda.  Deforestation is the major concern of U-reporters, followed by increased droughts.  U-reporters have submitted actions they believe the government should take to mitigate these issues and have been integrated into the Ugandan Delegation’s negotiations.

So now we start to think about implementation of the text, and the Ugandan government has already requested the support of U-report on these matters.  We will be asking for the opinions of young people starting next week.  Sustainable Development doesn’t end with this conference, and is now down to national and local organisations to make their own future happen.  U-report will be making sure youth have their voice heard in this process so look out for more post-Rio updates soon.

For more information on U-report Rio+20 polls go to www.ureport.ug or contact James Powell at jpowell at unicef dot org