Jorge Just’s thesis project, undertaken as part of his study for NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), was also developed with the support of UNICEF. The project is called RapidFTR, and it is a system that helps aid workers collect, sort and share photographs and information about children in emergency situations so they can be registered for care services and reunited with their families. RapidFTR found its genesis as a group project for a class hosted by ITP called “Design for UNICEF.”

Jorge is now continuing his school project and working with UNICEF and volunteer developers from ThoughtWorks and around the world to build and deploy the system. The thesis paper he wrote was an effective narrative tale on the lessons he learned through developing this project with the aims of implementing his system in an environment fraught with real-world constraints and setbacks. Because of this, we developed a quick visual summary as a way of complementing his paper and highlighting the valuable lessons learned, so that others can take advantage of his experiences in making a prototype an eventual product.