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#TrendingLaws: How can Machine Learning and Network Analysis help us identify the “influencers” of Constitutions?

#TrendingLaws: How can Machine Learning and Network Analysis help us identify the “influencers” of Constitutions?

“Analyses of governing documents from 194 countries could help people fighting for human and environmental rights.” Scientific American UNICEF’s Office of Innovation has applied network science and machine learning to national constitutions to better understand how laws develop to protect vulnerable populations. New research by scientists from UNICEF’s Office of […]

Government extension workers in Insiza district (469 km south of the Zimbabwe capital, Harare) receive training on the Rural WASH Information Management System (RWIMS) – SMS Notification Response (SNR). Photo credit: ©UNICEF Zimbabwe/2018/ Mutsiwegota

Digital Monitoring in support of National eSystems Strengthening: Lessons from UNICEF’s RapidPro Scale Up Initiative

By: Raquel Wexler, Deepak Bhaskaran, Sean Blaschke, Wojciech Koprowicz, Cary McCormick, Iain Murray, Lillian Luanda, Zuriñe Cadena Jimenez The Real-time Monitoring through RapidPro Scale-Up initiative is enabling UNICEF teams to leverage information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the delivery of national services and monitoring of programmes, while strengthening the ability […]

Anbar Governorate is the largest in Iraq, and has a significant population of displaced people due to ongoing armed conflict. UNICEF is working to implement its full range of activities, covering education, health and nutrition, child protection, water, sanitation and hygiene and emergency services to people in and out of camps. © UNICEF/UN0203983/Jeelo

Using frontier technology & data to monitor child poverty in Iraq

The humanitarian crisis in Iraq has entered a new phase. Long periods of violence and widespread displacement have left many families and their children without jobs and livelihoods; their homes and houses damaged and basic services disrupted. Children are the most affected group — they’ve not only left their homes […]

©UNICEF Iran/2018

Iranian experts from public and private sectors come together to form the country’s first ever ‘Innovation for Children Initiative’ with UNICEF support

On Monday 25th June 2018, a very diverse range of enthusiastic individuals came together in Tehran to exchange ideas on finding innovative solutions for problems facing children and adolescents in Iran. More than 120 experts from a variety of government bodies, civil society, UN and the private sector including start-up […]

U-Report Côte d’Ivoire responding to emergency

U-Report Côte d’Ivoire responding to emergency

Technology and young people assisting communities Authors: Sophie Chavanel, Head of Communications, UNICEF Côte d’Ivoire and Daniel Ouedraogo, Youth Engagement Strategist, UNICEF Côte d’Ivoire. Natural disasters can have devastating effects in urban areas. In many countries, such as Côte d’Ivoire, during rainy season, intense rainfall can cause floods, landslides and it is […]

Progress so far around School mapping visualization tool for Colombia. UNICEF/Innovations/2018

Unlocking the power of data for social good in Colombia

Written by: Viviana Cañon Tamayo, UNICEF Colombia  With the technical assistance of UNICEF’s Office of Innovation in New York and the financial support of the Innovation Fund, Colombia’s Country Office is currently developing three potential uses of Big/New Data Analysis: school mapping, natural disasters, and epidemics. By using and combining […]

In Côte d'Ivoire, one child of out 10 dies before the age of 10 years old of easily preventable and treatable illness such as pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria.

U-Reporters take action to prevent spread of mosquito-borne diseases in Côte d’Ivoire

Key insights from the mosquito nets campaign in Côte d’Ivoire from Sophie Chavanel, Chief of Communication, UNICEF Côte d’Ivoire, Norman Muhwezi, Innovation Specialist, UNICEF Côte d’Ivoire There are exciting things happening in Côte d’Ivoire! U-Report Côte d’Ivoire is striking again with innovative ways to use U-Report, and this time, to support programmes’ […]

UNICEF Innovation Fund Graduate: Trustlab

UNICEF Innovation Fund Graduate: Trustlab

Trustlab: Proof of Impact for Early Childhood Development UNICEF Innovation Fund is proud to see portfolio member, Trustlab — graduate. They’ve come a long way – from numerous product iterations, to deep diving into understanding their ecosystem better, strengthening their business model, and gearing up on taking their solution to […]